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5 Star Education

Our core offer and enrichment

Widecombe in the Moor is a unique and wonderful place to learn and flourish and we want to ensure that all of our pupil’s experience everything such a unique place has to offer. We also feel it is essential that our children develop a wider understanding of the world beyond Widecombe and need to experience less rural and more multi-cultural locations as a part of their education. 

A 5-Star Education:

During their time at Widecombe, all of our children will have the opportunity to:

  • see a lamb being born
  • bring their pet to school (large and small)
  • learn outdoors – all children will make and cook and share a meal around an open fire
  • travel to a contrasting location and experience travelling on different modes of public transport
  • perform in public as speakers, musicians, dancers and sports people

The learning journey at Widecombe will be rich, varied, challenging and exciting and we want to ensure that all of our children have a diverse range of memorable experiences throughout their time with us. These experiences should be fun; develop life skills such as resilience and kindness and should be memorable.